10 Ways Clueless Men Are Damaging Their Hair

10 Ways Clueless Men Are Damaging Their Hair

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Did you know that we lose 50-100 strands of hair daily? Yes, it’s that many – and if you don’t take care of your locks you could lose more. Even with the genetic predisposition to balding aside, you could end up with extensive hair thinning and breakage if you are not careful.

A lot of men have been slowly damaging their hair without them knowing it. And it’s the little everyday stuff that brings on the damage. So what are these factors which are causing all these damages? Here are the 10 common culprits men are unaware of.

10 Damaging Factors to Male Hair

1. Washing your hair every day

Washing your hair every day seems to be reasonable if you aim to be clean and well-groomed. With hair being one of the major factors in a man’s overall appearance and personality, some men would take more time to give it the best care and style. To create and maintain that desired wave or side part pompadour, some men would often use styling products like gels, hair mousse, or clays. This is why regular shampooing becomes necessary.

According to an article by the Business Insider, men should only wash their hair three times a week. This is because shampoos, when used excessively, can be damaging to the hair. It contains chemicals, such as sulfates, which strip the hair of natural oils that keep the hair shiny, strong and soft. There is no need to abstain from shampoos, in general, or avoid taking showers everyday – you still can of course. On days when you don’t shampoo, simply massage the scalp gently. This action can already help remove some dirt and excess oil from the scalp while promoting better circulation at the same time.

2. Hot showers

We are all guilty of enjoying a good, long, and steamy shower. It relaxes the muscles making it a good catharsis for a very stressful day, right? However, if you want to keep your hair, it may be time to cut back on this guilty pleasure. Hot water strips the hair of its natural oils and it also weakens the roots, making it more vulnerable to breakage or falling. Remember, the hair is made up of protein material and collagen which can get damaged when exposed to heat, causing the hair to break in the middle. You can go for warm water instead of hot, this way it will be more gentle to the hair and good for the scalp.

3. The way you dry your hair

Whether if you have short or long hair, how you tousle those strands when drying it can also create some damage. Hair is most sensitive when wet, and when you vigorously rub a towel over your hair immediately after stepping off the shower, you could end up damaging the strands. To make it gentler on your hair, squeeze certain partitions of your hair if it is long, or dab your towel gently for short-haired guys.

4. Styling products

Your gels, mousse and hair dyes can all wreak havoc to your hair if you are not careful. These can be fun and stylish, but it can be damaging in the long run. The chemicals can damage the disulfide bonds of the hair, and it also widens the pores too much making the cuticles susceptible to damage. If you have to dye your hair, go for high-quality dyes instead of cheap brands, because those tend to dry out the hair more due to a certain degree of structural damage. It’s fortunate that dyes now come with conditioners to moisturize the hair and make it smoother after the treatment.

5. Tight hairstyles

From cornrows, ponytails, to man buns – men also have their liking for certain hairstyles. However, the problem is that such hairstyles can be damaging for the hair structure. It’s like having the hair follicles yanked from the roots, and if this keeps on, worse case would be traction alopecia. As the name implies, this type of excessive hair loss (alopecia) is caused by the constant traction applied to your hair.

6. Take it easy on that comb

If you choose to wear your hair long, you need to comb it if you want to look civilized and attractive. Don’t just run that comb roughly through your hair, like you’re straightening a clump of ropes. Those can take a beating, but your hair needs gentler action, especially when it’s wet or damp. It is advised that you dry your hair first before combing it. And if you have longer tresses, use a wide-toothed comb to tame it before using a finer tooth for better styling.

7. Cut back on pool time

Pool water can also be damaging to your hair. It can even dry and damage your locks due to the chlorine content, as well as other chemicals. Showering with tap water before diving into the pool somehow protects your hair from the chemicals, and prevent these from absorbing into the follicles. To prevent dryness and damage it pays to limit your pool time, and if this is unavoidable you can protect your hair before swimming and rinse it thoroughly afterwards. A conditioner also helps moisturize and soften the hair after being exposed to the chemicals in the pool.

8. Stress

Unmanaged stress can take a toll on your hair. In fact, there are three types of hair loss associated to this phenomenon – telogen effluvium, alopecia areata and trichotillomania. With excessive amounts of stress, a huge chunk of hair can be pushed into a resting phase, the immune system could attack the hairs, or a person could get the irresistible urge to pull out some hair. Professional intervention is most effective for these types of problem.

9. Underlying medical conditions

Hypothyroidism is a medical problem which is caused by an underproduction of certain thyroid hormones. It may affect some men without them knowing it, and it could manifest through hair loss and other symptoms. A laboratory exam is a definitive way to know if something is off with your thyroid. Consult your primary care physician to rule out anything that could be medically causing your hair loss.

10. Lack of nutrients

There are certain nutrients, which, in low or excessive amounts, result in excessive hair loss. For instance, not getting enough protein and having excessive vitamin A in your system can make it weak, dry and easily breakable.

How many of these are you guilty of? Hair loss is normal, but if you keep on repeating poor habits, there is a good chance that your hair could suffer.

For those who may be losing more hair than usual, and is already showing signs of baldness, come and talk to us. Let us help you sort out your problem and see what can be done from there. Fill in our contact form, or call us at 1300 656 236 to schedule a consultation.

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