Why are Younger Men Losing Ha

Why are Younger Men Losing Hair?

In hair loss, it’s not just hairs that go down the drain but one’s confidence could do so too. The blow is much harder when a person loses it while he is young. If you are going bald at 23, then you are not alone. Premature hair loss has been far too common today with the affected demographic getting much younger. So what then is the reason behind all this mess?

Losing it early

Did you know that we normally lose as many as a hundred hair strands a day? This may sound like a lot but the amount you are shedding may not be too obvious since hair loss is a natural biological process that is actively ongoing everyday. It takes approximately 6 months for a hair follicle to rejuvenate and produce a new strand of hair, and over the course of a lifetime, these hairs will eventually become fatigued and shriveled.

Aging will make it much harder for a person to generate new follicles, and stronger ones which explains why hair thinning is common in old age. But if you are shedding it in clumps, and at a much younger age, then this is definitely something out of whack with your system.

But why do some lose it much earlier?

Genetics is one of the major culprits behind premature balding, so if any of your relatives are affected, then there is a good chance that you’d be a victim of this type of hair loss as well. Typically, older individuals get the rough end of the stick, but the recent trend is moving towards the younger generation. Many as young as those in their early 20s are starting to lose their hair in degrees that earlier generations walk into it in their 40s. Geordie Shore star, Kyle Christie is an example, having gotten his hair transplant just recently at the age of 23.

Your genetic makeup can be a major player, but other factors such as lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors can also have a hand in the problem. These factors come at a different intensity for the younger generation of today this is why many are losing their locks early. But before we take a closer look let’s see what male pattern baldness is and how it progresses.

Male pattern baldness (MPB)

Androgenetic alopecia is another term for MPB. This not your usual hair loss but rather a condition where excessive amounts of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) affects your strands causing them to thin and shed in clumps. The hair loss occurs at a certain pattern usually commencing from the frontal hairline progressing backward. It could also start at the crown area, and eventually increases in diameter.

This condition is often associated with aging men, however, there is a shift in the demographic of men as young as 20 starting to shed significant amounts of hair in the usual problem areas. Some even end up with obvious pattern hair loss before they even hit the big 3-0. Let’s go through the individual factors, aside from genetics, that aggravate the problem.

Probable hair loss causes in young men:


This alone cannot be blamed for hair loss, but it can aggravate existing circumstances. Smoking may affect DNA and it can affect the blood circulation to your hair follicles.


We have all experienced how stress easily shows up on our face, but did you know that stress and hair loss are also related? The Mayo Clinic mentions three types of hair loss associated with high-stress levels, and these are, telogen effluvium, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata. We are all exposed to different types of stress on a daily basis, and if left unmanaged this will eventually show symptoms. High levels of stress can be common in young men as they juggle education, career and personal life. Fortunately, stress and hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent, and you can do something to control it.

High amounts vitamin A

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, overdoing vitamin A supplements can trigger hair loss. Thankfully, this type of hair loss can be reversed, and hair will be able to grow back to normal once you halt the intake.

Protein shakes

News recently broke out that certain protein shakes and powders contain ingredients that can contribute to the balding process. Inorganic growth hormones and creatine found in a lot of muscle building shakes is deemed to raise blood testosterone levels which can result in hair loss.

Environmental Causes

Prolonged sun exposure can dry out the hair and damages the cells of the hair cuticle causing the hair to become dry and brittle. This can stress out the area, resulting in the scalp to tighten. The body eventually shuts down hair production. The good thing is that this is an easily avoidable cause of hair loss.

Drugs and certain medications

There are certain medications that cause hair loss. The best example is the kind of drugs used in cancer chemotherapy. Aside from targeting the cancer cells, it can also affect healthy ones, and one of the easy victims are the hair cells. Other drugs that can create the same effect one way or another include, amphetamines, anticoagulants, and antidepressants.

If you find yourself to be saying yes to some of these reasons cited above and losing hair along the way, then take the necessary steps to halt it right away. Nip the damage in the bud, and you just might keep a good amount of your original hair.

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