Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT Hair Transplant Sydney

Sydney/Canberra : $6,000+GST for 2,000 grafts (over 4,000 hair)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) hair transplant is a procedure used in hair transplant surgery. As a traditional method for hair transplantation, FUT remains to be a reliable treatment for surgical hair restoration today.

Follicular Unit Transplantation Procedure is available at our Sydney and Canberra clinics. However, we offer private hair transplant consultations across Australia.

FUT Technique

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the traditional method of surgical hair restoration and is also known as the “strip method.” With this procedure, hair is removed from the donor area and, under microscopic magnification; grafts are created that keep these natural groupings intact. The grafts are then placed in tiny micro incisions created in a pattern and distribution that mimic nature.

With careful precision the surgeon implants the individual grafts. He keeps in mind the proper distribution, angle, and arrangement of each graft in order to create a natural-looking result. The surgeon can implant as many as 3000 grafts in one session. But this will still vary according to each case based on the pre-operative evaluation of the surgeon. In some cases a patient can have more than one session because the surgeon would first assess the outcome of the first procedure to see if a second treatment is necessary to create the desired coverage.

Pros and Cons

A major benefit about this approach is that it provides a good harvest of donor grafts because it lessens the likelihood of graft transection. This also means that you will get high quality grafts which suggests better growth. FUT is also much faster to perform than Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE )and it is relatively more affordable.

One of the major disadvantages of the strip method is that it leaves you with a long linear wound. This means more time is needed for healing. You also have to deal with the scarring that results afterwards which can be a significant aesthetic concern, especially among men who prefer to have their hair very short.

Who is a Good Candidate?

A good candidate for FUT is those who have a good amount of donor hair available. He should also be in his late 20’s at least, because this is the minimum age where the progression of hair loss has finally halted. Otherwise, if hair transplant is done too early the aesthetic result will suffer as hair loss continues to be progressive. A patient must also not have any bleeding tendencies, as this could create potential problems later on, especially when the procedure calls for a long incision.

It is also important that a patient has realistic expectations about the procedure. This means that he is aware of what can be achieved, the potential risks, and the limitations of hair transplant surgery most especially with FUT.

Overall, the patient should generally have good health to pass as a good candidate for the surgery.

How many grafts will you need?

The cost of your hair transplant depends solely on the number of follicles/grafts ( average follicle has 1.6 hairs) you need.

The 1st 500 grafts @$7.70
The 2nd 500 grafts @ $6.60
The next 1000 grafts @ 5.50
The next 500 grafts @4.40
Thereafter $3.30 per graft


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Before and After FUT Hair Transplant*

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What is the Cost of FUT hair transplant?

Sydney/Canberra : $6,000+GST for 2,000 grafts

The evolution of hair transplant techniques made it possible for the results to look natural. It is also proven to create long-lasting results making it an option to treat different forms of baldness.

GraftsInc. GST

The Procedure – Strip Donor Site


Pre-operatively, the surgeon will thoroughly assess the patient during consultation. In this session he will evaluate the type of hair loss, the extent, and if it has stopped its progression. More importantly the surgeon will also determine if he is a good candidate for surgery. He should also be cleared medically to be able to undergo this procedure. For instance he should not have any bleeding problems and allergic tendencies to anesthesia.


What is good about hair transplant surgery is that it only requires a local anesthetic. Even with the incisions required for FUT there is actually no need for general anesthetics, which lessens the risks associated with this surgery.

At the beginning of surgery, the surgeon injects the local anesthetic on the donor area on which the strip of scalp would have to be removed. After the strip is removed, the surgeon then prepares the recipient site by injecting anesthetics to numb the area from the minute incisions that will be created.

The Donor Area

The surgeon would have to shave the donor area for proper visualization during surgery. The donor site is found at the back of the head or near the temples. The hairs found in these areas are often resistant to the effects of hair loss, which makes perfect donor grafts.

Once the anesthetic has been administered and has finally taken effect, the surgeon will now start to make the incision on the designated area. The strip of scalp will be taken by the hair technician to individually remove the grafts through a high-powered microscope. The surgeon then sutures the scalp together using a tricophytic closure for better aesthetic outcome. This technique allows the hair to grow through the incision, properly concealing any scars that may result.

Implanting the Hair

Once the donor area is taken care of, the surgeon then prepares the recipient site by making very small incisions, just enough to implant the hair grafts. The surgeon must consider the proper distribution of hair grafts when making these incisions. This is to ensure that the results will come out natural-looking as opposed to past results when implanted hair grafts look like cornrows.

The angle of insertion should also be considered since hair grows at a certain angle instead of straight up. This will take time, but the surgeon can implant as many as 500-3000 hairs in one session. The surgeon would have already determined how many grafts will be needed for one treatment for a particular patient.


After all the required amount of grafts have been implanted the surgeon will cover the incisions. But in most cases surgeons will leave the recipient site uncovered. Once it is established that the patient is stabilized and good to go, he can simply go home. Hair transplant is an outpatient procedure which means that you can start recovery immediately at your home.

The doctor will prescribe you with analgesics to manage the pain, and an antibiotic therapy as a preventive measure against potential infections.

The full recovery for hair transplant, or FUT for that matter, will take months. The incisions site is expected to heal within weeks. But the new hairs will take much longer to achieve full results. In fact, around 6-8 weeks, patients experience shock loss. This is a phenomenon where the transplanted hairs shed. Some patients worry that this could be an adverse reaction, but it is actually a normal response. New hair will grow in its place, and this will be much stronger and long-lasting.

For most patients, they will already need their first haircut at around ten months. So you can expect your hair to be full growth by that  time.


Follicular Unit Transplantation, as an approach for hair restoration, has proved to be a very successful treatment. There will be a linear scar at the back of the head which can be concealed if the hair at the back can be grown a bit longer. As for the recipient site, the new growth will be fully appreciated at around 3 months’ time. This will be after the shock loss has occurred. A few weeks after that, stubble of hair will line the bald areas.

If you are interested in a FUT for your surgical hair restoration treatment, come talk to us and we will guide you through the essentials. We offer a private consultation that will help answer all your concerns, and for you to make an informed decision.


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