What You Could Be Giving Up When You’re Bulking Up

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Men, it seems, are getting more conscious of their appearance, sometimes even competing with the ladies. From sleek haircuts, groomed eyebrows, to looking all dapper, a lot of guys today give breath to what being “metrosexual” means – sometimes to a fault. Some, in their attempts to look every bit of perfection, are willing to do anything to their bodies. But is it really worth it if it means facing potential hair loss?

Getting the desired body at a cost

Beyond the ensemble or any outward accoutrements, a lot of men are very much concerned with the structure underneath. A lot of guys are bent on getting into good shape which explains the dramatic spike in gym memberships in the past years. This is evident in the $8.5 million shelled by Aussies each year.

As much as health is an outlying concern, appearance can also be a large motivator. When you add desperation and impatience into the mix, people tend to dive into quick and easier solutions. This is where gym supplements come in with all their glossy promises of a muscular physique.

Supplements often come in powdered or capsule form  and these work by either giving a person more energy, protein, or a boost in one’s metabolism. Many gym enthusiasts rely on supplements to aid them in muscle building to achieve a more dramatic transformation. Protein supplements, in particular, are preferable options to buff up really well, to achieve a good form.

There is nothing wrong with using these supplements, however, it should be worth knowing that these also come with untoward reactions. In this case, it is usually hair that gets the brunt of the harmful effects.

The Irony Behind Growth Hormones

Certain protein shake include additives like inorganic growth hormones and creatine which are intended to promote the growth of muscle mass. However, in doing so this also raises testosterone levels in your blood stream. In and of itself, these growth hormones are not harmful, but if men who are already genetically predisposed to balding is exposed to it, the effects can be accelerated.

Men with a family history of hair thinning or hair loss should be particularly concerned when their testosterone levels get high, because these hormones exacerbate the situation. What is so interesting is that our bodies react to these hormones differently, and for some guys elevated testosterone levels can be rather problematic.

This primary male hormone can be broken down by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which results in a chemical called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT),or the culprit behind hair thinning and hair loss. It works by inhibiting the growth of new hair cells in the scalp. To an untrained eye, the man may seem to be losing hair normally, however, the problem with this case is that he will no longer have any more growth to replace those that have shed. Eventually, this will become observable which will even lead to a more pronounced balding.

The protein shakes that men take prior to or after their workout can lead to such problems because it makes men susceptible to male pattern hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia. The more testosterone is introduced into your system, the more hormone is there available to be transformed into DHT.

It is important to make a clear distinction that protein shakes per se doesn’t cause a receding hairline or baldness, it can only accelerate the process in certain men. There has been an increase in the trend of young men losing their hair early. In an interview, Dr. Thomy Kouremada-Zioga, shared that “growth hormones such as creatine and DHEA not only increase muscle mass, but also increase testosterone levels in the bloodstream.”

What can you do about it?

If you are among those who are at risk for hair loss, the best advise that experts give is to kick the protein shake habit. Get your protein fix from high-protein foods instead. Incorporate chicken, fish, and eggs into your meal.

The hair follicles that were already damaged may no longer be recovered, but you can stop further damage if you stop the ongoing destructive process.

You might also want to check the exercises you are doing, as there are some that could also increase testosterone levels by a mile, which can also lead to the same hair loss effect.

If you want to keep your hair, make the change today. If you want to restore what’s been lost, come talk to us at Sydney Hair Transplant Clinic. Call in for a consultation today and know that being hairless doesn’t have to be permanent!

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